Full Spectrum Cyber Operations Support

Goldbelt Hawk’s highly technical staff employ advanced scientific and engineering principles towards the advancement of Cyber Security and Cyber Operational capabilities of our clients. Having an in depth understanding of technologies, data structures, and even the physical principles, at the deepest levels of systems, facilitate an inherent knowledge of the concepts that cause vulnerabilities, and the means through which those vulnerabilities are exploited for nefarious ends.

Utilizing our offensive operational capabilities, and maintaining a leading edge level of understanding of present and emerging threats, Goldbelt Hawk provides a competitive advantage to our clients in the digital fight. Finding vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit them, tuning network sensors and fusion of alert data to keep security teams focused, and developing secure systems and software are just a few examples of how Goldbelt Hawk is protecting our clients.


Threat Modeling and Emulation

Our team stays at the leading edge of threat tactics and procedures used by nation state sponsored entities, hacktivists, and criminal organizations. Goldbelt Hawk's Offensive Cyber Operators provide realistic threat emulation, testing your defensive team's capabilities to detect, isolate and erradicate targeted attacks against your most valued assets, your organizations infrastructure and employees. Testing your environment with a controlled adversary, Goldbelt Hawk, is a vital component of ensuring your perimeter defenses, network sensors, and personnel are prepared for real world attacks. 

Working against or with defensive teams through Penetration Testing or training in Goldbelt Hawk's Cyber Laboratory, we can assist in honing your team's ability to detect and react to the latest threats, preparing your teams to react with agility when sophisticated adversaries target your organization. 

Security Operations Center Support

We support the full scope of Cyber Security Operations, from perimeter defense to Incident Response. Keeping up with the latest threats allows us to quickly tune network sensors, and analyze networked systems to search and destroy malicious implants, terminating nefarious activity.

Reverse Engineering

One of the most fundamental skill-sets necessary for conducting advanced Defensive and Offensive Cyber operations is the ability to analyze undocumented systems, software, network traffic and sometimes file of unknown specifiation.  Goldbelt Hawk's capabilities includes analysis of systems, software, and other binary representations of data and machine code. Our teams uncover the underlying algorithms, programming errors, vulnerabilities exploited by targeted inputs, deciphers encrypted and hidden data, and other cyber related goals.

Goldbelt Hawk Engineers excel in Reverse Engineering, given our extensive knowledge of the protocols and specifications that govern the networked information battle space.  Goldbelt Hawk will tackle even the most challenging reverse engineering tasks using a deep understanding of how they’re implemented in code and our advanced background in software and hardware engineering.


Cyber Training Range

Goldbelt Hawk’s Cyber lab provides cyber training in a realistic training environment where offensive and defensive teams can hone their skills against realistic adversaries. We teach our students the fundamental principles, taking their thought processes to lower levels of abstraction, thinking like a world class hacker.  Working with our own elite team of hackers, your workforce will move beyond the Industry Standard certifications, towards a Fully Operationally Capable cyber force.