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Goldbelt Hawk’s highly technical staff employ advanced scientific and engineering principles towards the advancement of cyber security and cyber operational capabilities of our clients.

Having an in-depth understanding of technologies, data structures, and even the physical principles, at the deepest levels of systems, facilitates an inherent knowledge of the concepts that cause vulnerabilities, and the means through which those vulnerabilities are exploited for nefarious ends.

Utilizing our offensive operational capabilities and maintaining a leading-edge level of understanding of present and emerging threats, Goldbelt Hawk provides a competitive advantage to our clients in the digital fight. Finding vulnerabilities before adversaries can exploit them, tuning network sensors and fusion of alert data to keep security teams focused, and developing secure systems and software are just a few examples of how Goldbelt Hawk is protecting our clients.

Offensive/Proactive Cyber Operations

  • Vulnerability Research, Exploitation, Tool Development
  • Threat Emulation, Penetration Testing, Gray Box
  • SOC/NOC – Security & Network Operations Center
  • Software & Systems Vulnerability Analysis
  • Incident Response, Hunt Team, Forensic Analysis
  • Threat Intelligence, RMF, CCRI Support